The Servo Book

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Servo is a web browser engine written in the Rust programming language, and currently developed on 64-bit Linux, 64-bit macOS, 64-bit Windows, and Android.

Work is still ongoing to make Servo consumable as a webview library, so for now, the only supported way to use Servo is via servoshell, our winit- and egui-based example browser.

Screenshot of servoshell

This book will be your guide to building and running servoshell, hacking on and contributing to Servo, the architecture of Servo, and how to consume Servo and its libraries.

This book is a work in progress! In the table of contents, * denotes chapters that were recently added or imported from older docs, and still need to be copyedited or reworked.

Contributions are always welcome. Click the pencil button in the top right of each page to propose changes, or go to servo/book for more details.

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